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Flowy Red Mini Dress

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Unleash Your Inner Flame

Imagine the touch of this flowy red mini dress against your skin, as lightweight as a gentle breeze yet as striking as a sunset. This isn't just a dress; it's a celebration of your fiery spirit and zest for life.

Elegance in Motion

Adorned with delicate floral accents, this dress is a dance of fabric and form, creating a symphony of movement with each step you take. The bold red embodies passion, ensuring you'll be remembered long after you've left the room.

Be the Radiance

With its flattering silhouette and romantic details, this dress is an ode to the beauty you carry within. It's not just about how you look; it's about how you feel: vibrant, alluring, unstoppable.

Step into a garment that mirrors your dynamism and poise. Lose yourself in the allure of the Red mini dress and let the world see your true colors.

SIZE (Unit: CM): S,M,L


S  Bust:     Length:      Waist:      Hip:


M  Bust:     Length:      Waist:      Hip:


L  Bust:      Length:      Waist:      Hip:


Note :(1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1 cm = 0.39 inch)



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Flowy Red Mini Dress
Regular price $51.00 Sale price $81.00