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Mini Dress Red Sparkle

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Length Chest Waist Hip
cm | inch cm | inch cm | inch cm | inch
S 69cm | 27.1'' 74cm | 29.1'' 64cm | 25.2'' 79.5cm | 31.2''
M 70cm | 27.5'' 78cm | 30.7'' 68cm | 26.7'' 83.5cm | 32.8''
L 71cm | 27.9'' 83cm | 32.6'' 74cm | 29.1'' 89.5cm | 35.2''
XL 72cm | 28.3'' 88cm | 34.6'' 80cm | 31.4'' 95.5cm | 37.5''



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Mini Dress Red Sparkle
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